Over the years, many people have contributed to making the ‘Disappearing Traffic’ body of work possible: many who have helped with the work, and many who have supported with some funds, a place to stay, a meal, or just by being interested.  This page is dedicated to the latter group.  The former group are recognized on the Heroes page.

There is a risk, listing people, that some do not want to be listed, or that you miss someone out who deserved to be listed.  I apologise for either error (not intentional, I assure you), and encourage you to email me (paul minett at trip convergence and another dot and then co and then dot and nz) if you would like to remind me or ask for a change.

Here are the Superstars (still updating based on most recent activity, and scouring the memory banks):

Dick Bailey, John Blackham, Sam Blair, Gavin Brown, Cindy Burbank, Helen Cain, Adrienne Calder, Avi Ceder, John Crawford, Ivan Cruz, Marion Dixon, Mary Duggan, Matthew Ensor, Larry Filler, Grant Furley, Cathy Garrison, Jesse Glazer, John Grant, Bern Grush, Dianne Hill, Tommy Honey, Greg Hunt, Claire Hurrell, Julie Hydes, Bob Kelley, Dale Kelly, Joseph Kopser, Barbara Krieger, Jane Lowe, Dave MacDonald, Terry MacGregor, Alec Mandis, Mariya Maslova, Ron Melnikoff, Howard Minett, Ingrid Minett, Pamela Minett, Vinny Minett, James Morris, Camilla Needham, John Niles, Jenny O’Brien, Marc Oliphant family, Jenny Oxley, Ellen Partridge, John Pearce, Joyce Pereira-Laird, Peter Prociuk, Michael Replogle, Kate Risbrook, Salz, Dennis Scanlon, Marco Schaefer, Dorian Scott, Kushal Sharma, Julius Spencer, Rick Steele, Felicity Stevens, Yi Su, Dan Tasker, Gordon Telling, Jane Thompson, Sigrid Turman, Julie Turner, Dave Vukets, Mark Wright, a Guest Giver, the Spark Foundation, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, and many more still to be recalled.


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